Things Recently Explained to Me

Victoria is full of interesting statements lately:

— she has 9.5 boyfriends (?!)
— her brain is divided into sections: devilish, “angel-ish,” mechanical, tinkerer, “mud” (that’s the gardening part), and (primarily) sensible, meaning “wise and using good judgment”
— we were discussing her great-grandfather who worked in an auto factory making cars. “That must be why I’m so creative!!” she exclaimed, very excited by the idea.
— she wants her new nickname to be “Aroma Girl.” You can figure that one out yourself.


I was holding her hand today walking into the grocery store — I had just picked her up from a Spanish-language day camp, and it was just the two of us. Gosh, seven is a great age. Whatever mistakes I’ve made and will keep making, I am so glad for the extra time together we get from homeschooling.



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3 responses to “Things Recently Explained to Me

  1. I feel that way about my 8 year olds – they are so sweet and impulsive and spontaneous and joyful and impetuous and grouchy and irritable – all in the same 20 seconds. It’s a whirlwind. And it doesn’t last long.

  2. Ah, what beautiful, spontaneous thoughts from your daughter! She is still young enough to think freely and share those thoughts without censorship with you. My older, now 13, holds so much inside, while my 8 year old still shares his findings on life. Sometimes he shares past my listening point (okay, most days), but there’s some good stuff there. Thanks for letting us in on her thoughts.

  3. Mariposa

    She is adorable. I’m glad 7 is going well.

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