How it is to be 11

— You are growing. When you go out for breakfast eat a massive plate of bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Leave no evidence behind.

— Play sweetly with your adorable baby and toddler cousins, who openly worship you. Psychologically torment your younger sister, who secretly worships you when she isn’t wishing you would join another family.

— Create song lyric generator, mad libs game, and fortune teller using your mad Python programming skills.

— Think happily about the new Taylor Swift album coming out in October.

— Beg for a Facebook account.

— Discover that your toes and elbows are much farther away from the rest of your body than you thought.

— Engage joyfully in roughhousing with younger boys.

— Sob powerfully on the way home from the playdate. Say for the first time, “Boys are stupid jerks!” Now that you are 11, your mom can let you in on a secret: “Yes, honey, boys are often stupid jerks.”

— Graduating to the medium-size Starbucks vanilla bean cooler makes everything better, even the sad truth that boys are jerks.

— Say to your mom casually, “I’ve been thinking about Schrodinger’s Cat.”

— Continue smiling the huge, open smile that’s been yours since you first opened your eyes.



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4 responses to “How it is to be 11

  1. your experience of 11 is so different from ours! your girl really does have a wonderful smile.

  2. Andrea

    That is the sweetest thing I’ve read in a while Shaun!

  3. Heather Gray

    Nice post!

  4. amber

    That’s beautiful. 🙂

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