Never too Early to Write Your Memoirs

The heat is getting to us, and the kids are spending some time these last few days separated for their own safety.

While “calming down” in her room Victoria began writing her autobiography. As she later reported, she went through a series of potential titles:

— I Love Dogs
— My Book of Life
— My Book of Awesomeness
— Diary of an Awesome Kid

Personally, I would love to see an autobiography by anyone entitled “I Love Dogs.”

She should have a lot of time to write, given that she has been feigning illness in order to avoid having to go play with groups of kids, including kids that, individually, she likes a great deal. Free-range play may be great for kids, but in groups it seems to lead to a free-for-all that makes her miserable. And yet she loves being crazy too! What a dilemma for a 7 year old, as best expressed here:


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