What are the homeschoolers doing now?

We’re doing lots of things, but some get more enthusiasm than others. And a certain student seems strangely oblivious to our attempts to educate her.

Programming and NaNoWriMo: “I know! I’ll write a last name generator!”

Algebra II: “I’m really into it. It’s challenging!”

Shakespeare’s Comedy and Sonnets: “Oooh, Midsummer Night’s Dream! That’s a good one!”

Chinese: “[unintelligible to mother]”

History: “Look at this great doll house I made!”

Math: “I’m going outside to keep hammering oars onto my boat!”

English: “Look at the Christmas decorations I made!”

Spanish: “Mom, have you seen my safety goggles anywhere?”

Playgroup: “I’m going in the other room to work on my sewing project.”



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3 responses to “What are the homeschoolers doing now?

  1. It’s not just us! It’s not just us!!

    (Thanks for the reality check. 🙂 )

  2. penelope

    Sounds like she’s giving herself a little vo-tech ed. That counts.

  3. I love it — mostly. I am such an “in my head” person that it is like anthropological fieldwork, parenting her.

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