From the Red Sea Headmistress

This is the homeschooling blog of a Minnesota family of 4: mom, dad, and two girls. We’re (almost all) Catholics, we’re Democrats, we love reading, ice skating, Prairie Home Companion, and the State Fair. We blog about home education from many perspectives: re-educating (or de-schooling) mom and dad, homeschooling a profoundly gifted child, homeschooling a highly sensitive and spirited child, homeschooling in the liberal and fine arts, and homeschooling while both parents work.

We blog because we like to keep in touch with other homeschooling families, families who share some of our unique challenges and families who do things in a totally different way. We blog for the same reason we homeschool—we like to learn!

One thing we don’t blog for — to make people who make other choices feel either inferior or superior. I can’t preface every blog post with a disclaimer: “How I choose to live my life is not a comment on how you choose to live yours” or “I don’t mean ‘better’ when I say ‘gifted'” or “This blog has lots of snapshots of things I wanted to write about, but it doesn’t represent the totality of my life or my thoughts.” I’m saying it now, once and for all.

Comments are not moderated, but the headmistress is a gentle soul who dislikes the vortex of pointless negativity generated by so many comment threads. Comments that seem to point in this direction will be ruthlessly deleted.

Thanks for stopping by!

6 responses to “From the Red Sea Headmistress

  1. Dad

    I love the new look.

  2. Kim Pizinger

    Hi Shaun,

    I am so, so sorry about the negative post from that jerk. I am glad, however, that you wrote about it on FB as it gave me a chance to find out about your blog. I have enjoyed your recent posts and will continue to be a regular reader!

    All the best,


  3. Amy

    I just wanted to say I enjoy your blog so much. I too homeschool a profoundly gifted daughter who is also moderately sensitive (reduction over time I think). We also threw in some dyslexia life threatening food allergies because, well, life wasn’t complicated enough. 😉 I’m currently trying to find time to write my own blog – so far not going real well – but just wanted to let you know I hope you keep this going. It’s really been a joy to read.

  4. hello
    how do I subscribe?

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